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Do you recycle my trash?
Yes, Advance Disposal recycles for you! While most cities ask their customers to separate their own trash from recyclables, we ask that you simply put everything into your trash can or bin. We then sort and separate your trash from your recyclables at our Material Recovery Facility (MRF). This helps us retrieve as much recycling material as possible and divert recyclables from going to the landfill with the trash.
What can I do with my tree trimmings,

yard clippings and green waste?
City of Hesperia residential customers with waste wheeler(s) only (bin/dumpster customers are excluded) are allowed green waste, yard clippings, or tree trimming pickups four (4) times per year at no charge. These items must be bagged and the pickup must be scheduled with our office. Simply call and speak with a Customer Service Representative to schedule your pickup.

What time will my driver be at my house?
It is almost impossible for us to give an exact time that your driver will arrive at your home or business. Meeting all of our customers’ needs and allotting for unexpected incidents can affect the driver's arrival times. Residents should have their waste wheelers ready for pickup no later than 5:00am on the day of their pickup. Commercial customers should have all of their trash bins ready by 5:00am on the day of their pickup.
Why can’t I use my own trash cans?
In most all of our service areas, we use automated trucks. These trucks are calipered to pick up certain types of trash cans. Automation helps to speed up the collection process and help to fulfill State of California requirements.


What if I need more cans?
Additional trash cans are available at an additional charge of $4.28 per container per month or $8.56 every billing period. Please note that Advance Disposal billing is bi-monthly or every other month for residential customers. You may call and speak with a Customer Service Representative to order additional trash cans.


What do I do when I have just a clean-up of

acreage or extra trash from my garage?
We have several trash bin options. Please see our                                     webpage for information on size and capacity. You may also contact our Customer Service Department by phone or email and they will provide you with more detailed information.
What rates do you have for

low refuse volume generators?
Advance Disposal offers a low volume rate to

City of Hesperia customers. This is for customers generating a low volume of refuse where only

one (1) trash can is needed. Please contact our Customer Service Department by phone or email

for more detailed information.
Do you have a low income rate?
Advance Disposal does have a hardship rate

for qualifying customers in some service areas.

Please call our Customer Service Department

for information, forms and requirements.
How can I pay?
Advance Disposal offers "auto-draft" which is automatic payments through your bank checking account or credit card. Making your payment online with your debit or credit card is also easy. Simply 

                   to start your payment process. You may also mail in your payment to the address provided

on your statement, or contact one of our Customer Service Representatives between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm to make your payment by phone.  Please note, when a refund is issued, it will be issued directly to the account holder, no exceptions.

How do I get rid of large bulky or

hard to handle items?
City of Hesperia residential customers are allowed eight (8) large items picked up per year at no charge. The large items picked up from residents must be completed within four pickups. County customers, please call our Customer Service Department to schedule an appointment for your pickup.


For online bill pay/pay online questions,

please                     or visit our home page.

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