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Assembly Bill 341
Mandatory Commercial Recycling

Advance Disposal commercial customers are in compliance with Assembly Bill 341 (AB341) due to the single waste stream processing Advance utilizes at our Material Recovery Facility.

The implementation of State-mandated waste reduction requirements for commercial businesses under Assembly Bill (AB) 341 requires all businesses that generate 4 cubic yards of waste or more and multi-family dwellings of 5 units or more, to have a recycling program on site as of July 1, 2012. 


Jurisdictions are required to maintain information on business recycling and report it to the State based on AB 939.  AB 939 requires each jurisdiction to divert 50 percent of its waste stream or it is subject to $10,000-per-day fines for noncompliance. Senator Brown has also implemented a 75 percent diversion rate by 2020.


Advance's single waste stream processing satisfies the City, County and State recycling mandates for all of our commercial and residential customers. Almost 100% of the waste stream received from customers is sorted through and recyclables are recovered and shipped to various mills and recyclers. Advance continually strives to find new ways and new resources to reduce, reuse and recycle items found in the current waste stream.
Click here to review the entire Assembly Bill 341 - California Mandatory Commercial Recycling.


 As we are sure you are aware and previously notified, an increase has been implemented onto your trash bill. This increase was approved by the City and County and has three elements to the increase: Mandatory Diversion/Expansion;  Landfill Fees Increase; Cost of Living Allotment.


AB939 is an Assembly Bill that mandates each City to divert at least 50% of all trash away from the landfill. If this law is not met, the City can incur fines up to $10,000 per day for non-compliance. Gov. Jerry Brown has now implemented a revised AB939 to increase diversion to 75% by 2020. Advance built the first Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in San Bernardino County and has accommodated customers throughout the City and County over the years by sorting the recyclables from the trash to accomplish these diversion percentages. However, with the increased population and an additional mandatory 25% diversion that has been imposed on cities in California, it was necessary to expand the MRF to meet these new challenges.


The San Bernardino County Landfill has just increased solid waste disposal fees by 5.4%. The City and County agreed to allow Advance to recover this increase through residential and commercial billing adjustments.


The U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor and Statistics and Consumer Price Index (CPI) has acknowledged the increase in labor, fuel, equipment, etc. and has recognized a 2.2% Cost Of Living Adjustment to be implemented for Advance’s solid waste disposal and recycling costs.


Trash Disposal Fee Increase 

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